We created a series of tools for small molecule and biologics informatics that are used in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry as well as academic groups. Details can be found in our ChemAPPS webstore.

Custom Software Development

We customized data analysis tools for different projects from image analytics for ophthalmic research, to mining of public information sites, like PubMed and the US Patent Trade Office or further SAR analytics.


Over time we have collaborated with academic and industry groups, providing consulting services is molecular modeling for lead discovery, screening library design and integration of research informatics tools.

Discover Faster

Our mission is to accelerate therapeutics discovery by providing scientist with the tools needed to intuitively organize and analyze data. We develop tools in close collaboration and with constant feedback from our customers.

Most our projects have their origins in custom software which we develop for companies that lack adequate tools to carry their work. We are dedicated to provide simple solutions that allow the individual scientists to cope with the deluge of data generated in modern drug discovery projects. From intellectual property, to image analysis and structure activity relationships for biologics or small molecules, we want to provide tools to help and smooth the discovery process. Deliver sophisticated analytics tools to experts and non-experts alike.

Visit our webstore to sample our off-the shelf solutions for Chemicals and Biologics analytics.

Because of our long standing work in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, we can deliver products that solve complex or punctual problems with intuitive interfaces that can be used as single user desktop solutions or integrated into enterprise solutions.

We work to develop research analytics solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

News and Ideas

Our newest product is AMEDEO. It uses machine learning techniques to make recommendations for lead discovery or optimization, for small molecules, peptides, antibodies and other biopolymers. AMEDEO will continue to grow so that scientists can exploit these powerful techniques even if they are not experts in dta analytics.  

We are focusing extensively in the area of integration. We want to make it possible for our users to use our products within a constellation of best in class solutions.