We are dedicated to provide effective software to cope with the deluge of data generated in therapeutics discovery projects. ChemAPPS is Altoris’ web store for software tools for molecular research informatics.

Our off the shelf products include

SARvision|SM is a desktop application to assist you in the visualization, mining and organization of chemical data. The program automatically identifies chemotypes in a chemical library and organizes them into a tree structure. SARvision|SM includes a module Substitutent Analysis of Bioisosteric Replacements and Enumeration (ChemSABRE). Thus, the program organizes data, provides tools for data visualization and the mining of data sets.

SARvision | Biologics a desktop application that fills the gap that exists in biologics informatics. The program provides a platform to read-in and organize data on biological polymers. The user has a smart spreadsheet that simplifies work with biopolymers including peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, chemically modified residues and unnatural amino acids. The functionality allows the identification of relations between sequence and other data available for those compounds. Powerful visualization tools and analysis make it a unique product.

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We are dedicated to provide effective, off-the-shelf solutions that allow scientists to cope with the deluge of data generated in therapeutics discovery projects.

For example, traditional molecular diversity tools based on the computation of molecular properties are less than satisfactory. Compounds with identical substructures can be found in different groups and a cluster can contain multiple, structurally unrelated chemical classes. The ability to group compounds into classes that make intuitive sense is essential for the medicinal chemist who can become frustrated by the ambiguity of results. Cheminformatics tools should support medicinal chemistry and not obfuscate it. We saw the need and react to it, rather than forcing a less than ideal solution or one that does not fit with the user expectations. This led to the creation of software for analysis of data for projects working in protein engineering, peptides or antibodies. This is typical of the way in which we develop our products. For many years, working in the biopharmaceutical industry we observed the way in which scientists work. We developed simple tools that adapt to their process and speed-up the data analysis process.

We provide custom software development geared to integrate our off the shelf tools or to develop complete new software to address the many needs of the complex drug discovery environment. Simple tools may result in the saving many hours of tedious work with a resulting increase in productivity.